Welcome to CATALYST, a tribute dedicated to Serah Farron of Final Fantasy XIII.

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Some things to note before you go on. There will be unmarked spoilers for the whole game so avoid browsing if you have yet to play or finish. The content will be a mix of quotes, details from the game and my own personal speculations.

Though I originally didn’t think Serah would be so important when I first started playing the game, I found myself saying the complete opposite by the time I finished.

Serah may not be a playable character and doesn’t appear much in the game but she has her own purpose — one that is actually extremely significant — but I personally find her very intriguing not just as a part of the overall plot but as a person as well. These are things that I hope to be able to impart to you as you read around so please, enjoy!

Last updated: 7 Sep 2011