At first glance, Serah appears to be the typical shy, sweet, young and innocent side character that needs to be protected by anyone close to her. Unfortunately, the common misconception of her age tends to lend to this as many initially thought her to be around the age of 14.

Serah with the Pulse Vestige in the background

It’s been speculated that Serah had to have had a special ability or trait for her to have been chosen as a l’Cie by the Pulse fal’Cie but if there was any, it was never shown. In all likelihood, Serah was chosen because of her close proximity to the newly re-awakened fal’Cie.

Serah is revealed by Episode Zero: Promise to be of an educated background. Prior to being made a l’Cie, she had just graduated from high school with top grades and had chosen to study at a university at Eden. This gives an idea of Serah’s intelligence.

Even if it may be the only university in Cocoon, it would understandably be of high standards as Eden is the capital of Cocoon and home to its elite population.

When Serah was found by Lightning and Snow in the Pulse Vestige, they comfort her by promising that they would protect Cocoon as she asked them.

On hearing this, Serah’s only response is to tell them: “…I’m sorry.

And this could mean so many things.

  1. She regretted not telling Lightning about becoming a l’Cie from the beginning.
  2. They had to go through so much in order to save her.
  3. She believed that she couldn’t fulfill her focus and was doomed to become a Cie’th.

There are many possibilities but any of them easily show that she cares about Lightning and Snow. She knew the implications why they were there and was not the kind of person to deny that her actions may have been the cause.