Serah might not have been physically present in the game but by closely observing the other characters, it’s easy to find things that can be connected to her.

Serah’s necklace was given by Snow when they were watching the fireworks of Bodhum. Upon presenting the necklace to Serah, he proposes to her and she happily accepts. Snow wears a matching necklace of his own.

Her silver cat earrings coincides with the name of Snow’s group of friends – “Nora” which is speculated to come from the word “noraneko” is translated to the phrase “stray cat”.

The cat design of her earrings can also be found on Snow’s other necklace, furthering her connection to Snow as well as the connection to “Nora”.

The black leather band on Serah’s bicep has a matching piece as well. It is worn by her sister, Lightning, also on her right bicep.

In addition, the survival knife that Lightning lends to Hope at the beginning of the game was a birthday present from Serah.