Lightning Farron

Lightning is Serah’s last known remaining family member. When their parents died, Lightning gave up everything, including her own identity, in order to care for her little sister.

In the six years after she discarded her real name, Lightning joined the Guardian Corps of Bodhum and became a soldier with the idea of becoming strong enough to protect Serah.

Although Serah accepted that her sister was protective of her because of their past, she, too, cared for Lightning’s well-being, something that Lightning either did not notice or believe to be true.

When she went to the mall with Snow to find a present for Lightning’s 21st birthday, Serah did not choose a small trinket or accessory (though she jokingly considered getting her a Carbuncle doll).

Instead, she decided to buy Lightning a survival knife. Snow agreed that it would truly fit Lightning and Lightning herself stated how practical it was.

Serah: “I want her to be able to survive whatever happens out there, and come back home safe.”