Snow Villiers

Snow is the fiancé of Serah and genuinely cares for her, proven by his willingness to give up his normal life in exchange to be with her despite knowing the risks of being together with a l’Cie from Pulse – a sworn enemy of Cocoon.

Lightning believed him to be no good for Serah. Comparing him to their father, she refused to acknowledge that Snow and Serah completely cared for one another.

Lightning: Father was sort of a dangerous type himself. He was easy-going and good-natured, but he wasn’t very reliable.

In the scene where Snow finally finds Serah in the Pulse Vestige, she calls him her hero and defends him from Lightning by saying that he can protect everyone – including her and Cocoon.

Whether she started his trademark nickname or he was already using the word is unknown.

When she first found out that she was a l’Cie, she thought of Snow and Lightning. By then, she was already in a relationship with Snow and had already fallen in love with him.

Thinking that she was now cursed, she refused to think of him being condemned along with her, leading her to break up with him.

However, Snow quickly recovered from the shock and ran after her, promising that he would help her fulfill her Focus and save her.

He manages to find the perfect way to comfort Serah when she is almost overcome by the threat of being a l’Cie and having to fulfill her focus before becoming a Cie’th.

Snow: When we find out what it is, I’ll do something about it. I won’t allow you to be turned into a monster.

For Serah, Snow was a guiding and reassuring constant presence in her life. The night before Lightning’s 21st birthday, Serah expresses fears on her state as a l’Cie and her Focus revealing that while she was hesitant to share her thoughts with Lightning, Snow was someone she could easily open up to.

Snow: Whatever happens, I’ll stay with you, forever.

His devotion is further supposed by his decision to stay at Lake Bresha. Although several other characters voiced the danger of staying behind because of their new-found status as Pulse l’Cie, Snow refused to leave and instead attempted to extract Serah from the crystallized lake.

Throughout the game, Snow worked to regain the love that he lost. His actions of keeping Serah close by keeping the tear she shed prior to becoming a crystal and talking to the crystal tear show that he drew inspiration and reason from the younger Farron.

His efforts did not go unnoticed. Although in the beginning, Lightning despised him and told herself that she would never give Serah to him, she eventually came to accept the fact that Snow would never intentionally hurt Serah and was truly devoted to her protection.

Snow: This will be her last drop of tears. I promise not to let her cry anymore.