When we first meet Serah in the game, it has already been revealed that Lightning Farron and Snow Villiers are both working to rescue her from within the Pulse Vestige where she has been taken captive by the fal’Cie, Anima.

She is soon transformed into a crystallized form after having managed to fulfill her Focus.

Because of her state, she remains as a supporting character until the end of the game. However, her character, personality and story are all revealed through a number of flashbacks and cutscenes as the player progresses through the game.

Regardless of her supporting status, her presence is an important aspect of the game story and she provides motivation for several of the main characters.

Many regard the incident in the Pulse Vestige as the inciting event of the game. Had it not been for Serah’s presence and involvement, the protagonists would never have come together and there would have been no story for FFXIII.

At the end of the game, she appears on Gran Pulse with Dajh Katzroy, much to the joy of both Snow and Lightning.

Both Serah and Dajh had been released from their crystal stasis as well as from their status as l’Cie.

Snow: Give us your blessing for our marriage! I swear, I’m going to make her happy!

Lightning: I believe you. Congratulations.