Oerba Dia Vanille

Serah’s interactions with Vanille were extremely limited in comparison to most other characters in the game but there is no denying that the two had a major impact on Serah’s life and those around her.

Fang/Vanille: “Why did you choose someone from Cocoon?”

The three first came into contact when Serah was within the Pulse Vestige. Vanille and Fang find Serah unconscious in front of the fal’Cie, Anima. Having just been made a l’Cie, Serah was unaware of her surroundings and never caught a glimpse of the two Pulsian women as they brought her out of the ruins. However, the web novellas reveal that Serah had heard some of the conversation between Fang and Vanille as the two discussed their surprise.

Serah never meets Fang again. However, a few days later, she encounters Vanille on the beach of Bodhum when the latter injures herself.

If Serah recognized the voice that she heard at the Pulse Vestige, she gave no hint of it. The two confide in one another.

Serah: I saw the end of the world. I was so scared that I wanted to be alone. So I tried to run away from reality. But he came after me.

Vanille takes the chance and tells Serah that she has a friend whom she wishes to apologize to but could never find the words to do so.

On Serah’s part, she tells Vanille of her nightmare, of Cocoon’s destruction. She confesses her fears and how she had tried to run from it.

Serah: I have my friends and family, so I’m sure I can make it.

Both women reassure the other that they will be able to overcome their respective problems. In their similar situations, they found a sense of comfort and connection with one another.

They may not have realized it but the result of their chance meeting on the beach was a deep bond. When Vanille serves as the narrator for the story of Final Fantasy XIII, she often directs silent questions towards Serah.

Vanille: I ran away from my Focus and Serah was turned into a l’Cie. So I wanted to say sorry to her, but…

In fact, when Vanille apologizes to Serah, Serah tells the other woman that she should be apologizing to her friend and that Vanille will know what to do when that time comes. At the time, Vanille was actually talking about apologizing to her.

The Pulsian blamed herself and her denial of her Focus as the reason why Serah had been made into a l’Cie. This was never confirmed in the game though it is a possibility.

Beyond this, Serah and Vanille never truly speak face-to-face again. When Serah is released from her crystal stasis, Vanille and Fang already sacrificed themselves to save Cocoon.

On the other hand, if Vanille were not a piece of shiny rock underneath destroyed!Cocoon, then she and Serah would probably have been awesome friends given their happy-go-lucky and positive personalities. They would also be the ones to stop Lightning and Fang from constantly bitching at each other. Yes.